Engine Oil For Bajaj CT 100, 110C & CT 125X – 3 Best Pick Oil with Grade and Capacity

Bajaj CT100 is considered one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in its segment. The 100 cc engine helps it get that name since the engine balances the performance and the mileage at the same time. It has enough torque and is a favorite bike for the working class. In an era of rising fuel prices, the CT100 offers the required relief to you because of its high mileage.

The bike is also very easy to maintain and super resilient to breakdowns. You will never face any major problems with the bike, and at the time of sale, you will get a good price since Bajaj CT100 is considered very valuable in the used bike market. As of now, CT100 has been discontinued, and it has been replaced with CT 110C & CT 125X. The updated models come with 110 ccs and 125 cc engines, respectively.

Anyways, if you have Bajaj CT100, it would not be economical to get it serviced at the service center. Instead, we recommend opting for a service at a local mechanic or by yourself. During the service, you must check fluid levels and clean the air element. Since engine oil is the most important component of the service, you can order it yourself and ensure that you use the right grade & quantity of engine oil. To help you select the engine oil for Bajaj CT100, we have compiled this page to list the engine oil grade, capacity, and the best engine oils for the bike. Go ahead and check out the details now.

Bajaj CT100 / 110 / 125x: Engine Oil Grade

Since the Bajaj CT100 is a BSIV model, you can use the regular engine oils on the bike. There is no need for JASO MA2-compliant engine oils. Apart from this, the recommended grade of engine oil is 10W30. You can use synthetic or semi-synthetic engine oil. Bajaj has no guidelines against using mineral engine oil, but we still don’t recommend using mineral oil in the engine. The mineral oil’s lower quality and high burn rate are always a problem. Moreover, the cost difference between mineral oil and semi-synthetic engine oil is minimal. 

Engine Oil Capacity of Bajaj CT100 / 110 / 125x

Talking about the capacity of the engine oil in CT100, you would need between 900 ml to 1000 ml of engine oil. This is in the case of regular oil replacement. However, if you had issues with the engine and were going through an engine overhaul, you would need 100 ml extra engine oil. You can check the oil gauge to check if you are putting in the right quantity of engine oil. Apart from this, you only need to replace the engine oil every 10,000 Km. You can top-up the engine oil after every 5,000 Km. The high interval of the engine oil change also keeps the service cost of CT100 low.

Top 3 Engine Oil for Bajaj CT100, 110 & 125x

We have already shared the information about the grade and quantity of engine oil that must be used for CT100. We will now share the top three engine oils for Bajaj CT100 that are available in the Indian market. You can scroll through the list, and you can also order them online.

#1 Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 10W-30 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Motul 5100 Engine Oil

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If you are looking for premium engine oil, you can buy Motul engine oil. This engine oil is known to have the best quality, and it also has a great thermal resistance. Your Bajaj CT100 doesn’t have a liquid-cooled or an oil-cooled engine. In such a case, the engine oil with higher thermal resistance helps you prevent any problem. This is a synthetic blend which means it is much better than mineral oil. Moreover, Motul is a popular brand name, and people use the engine oil from this brand even in their superbikes.


  • Superior engine oil and has the best quality.
  • It has good thermal resistance & stability.
  • It makes the engine smooth and reduces vibrations.
  • It is a semi-synthetic engine oil.


  • Slightly expensive.

#2 Castrol Activ Stop-Start 4T 10W-30 Engine Oil 

Castrol Activ STOP-START Engine Oil


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In India, most of us ride a bike in stop-start traffic. This is very stressful for the engine and the transmission. Using Castrol Activ Stop-Start engine oil, you can keep your engine safe in such traffic conditions. This engine oil is a fully synthetic engine oil, and it is not very expensive. It protects the engine from overheating and ensures that the operation remains safe during stressful conditions. If you often ride in traffic or on bumpy roads, then you can opt for Castrol Activ Stop-Start without any doubt. We can assure you of the quality of this engine oil.


  • Reduces friction between engine parts.
  • Perfect for traffic problems.
  • Protects the engine and the clutch assembly.
  • Fully Synthetic engine oil.


  • Nothing as such.

#3 Mobil Super Moto 10W-30 API SN 4T Premium Engine Oil 

Mobil Super Moto Engine Oil

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If you are looking for affordable engine oil, you should go ahead with Mobil Super Moto. This is mineral oil, and hence it is affordable. You would not be riding your Bajaj CT100 at high speed, so it is ok to use mineral oil if you want to keep the maintenance cost low. Apart from this, while using Mobil Super Moto, we recommend you change the engine oil after every 5000 Km. Overall, Mobile engine oil offers protection to the engine and ensures that carbon is not deposited in the internal parts.


  • The most affordable option on the list.
  • It protects the engine and offers optimal performance.
  • Extends the like of the engine.
  • It keeps the engine clean.


  • It is a mineral engine oil.


This was all about the Bajaj CT100 and its engine oil. Overall, the oil change procedure is easy. Please note that you should not reuse the drained engine oil. Apart from this, you must also ensure that you use the right quality and quantity of engine oil. It has been observed that if you overfill the engine oil, the clutch will slip and not function as expected. This can also lead to a complete breakdown of the transmission and engine. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any additional questions about the engine oil for CT100.

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