Engine Oil For Bajaj Dominar 400 – Best 3 Pick, Oil Grade and Capacity

The highest displacement engine available from Bajaj is 400cc. The all-new Bajaj Dominar 400 gets this engine. The bike is one of the most affordable options in its segment. You would not find any other 400 cc bike priced this aggressively. The bike has ample power on offer, and it is not just a perfect street bike but also an amazing touring bike. Dominar 400 comes with USD Folks, Touring Accessories, and a Perimeter frame. These features are coupled with Dual Channel ABS and Full LED Headlamp to enhance visibility & safety.

The engine has a massive amount of torque, and since the engine is liquid-cooled, you don’t have to worry about the engine overheating in traffic. The transmission is also mapped to give you a high torque range and linear power delivery. If you are worried about the maintenance of the Bajaj Dominar 400, then you can let that worry go. You might already know that Bajaj bikes are easy to maintain, and all they need is a clean air filter and a regular engine oil replacement. The purpose of this page is to give you more information about the engine oil for Bajaj Dominar 400. Check out more information in the section below.

Bajaj Dominar 400 Engine Oil Grade

Bajaj Dominar 400 is a BSVI bike, and all BSVI bikes have a catalytic converter installed in their exhaust assembly. In such a case, you must only use BSVI engine oils to protect your catalytic converter from getting damaged. Regarding the engine oil grade that must be used for Dominar 400, you must only restrict to 10W50 BS6 Compliant JASO MA2 API SN Fully Synthetic Engine Oil. The bike has a high-capacity engine; hence, you must not use semi-synthetic or mineral engine oil. You should take care of these two very important things while buying engine oil for the Bajaj Dominar 400.

Engine Oil Capacity of Bajaj Dominar 400

A bike’s engine oil capacity depends on the engine’s displacement. For Bajaj Dominar 400, you need 1700 ml of oil while replacing the engine oil. However, you need 1950 ml of engine oil if you are undergoing an engine overhaul. The replacement duration for the engine oil for Dominar 400 is 10,000 Km. In addition, Bajaj also recommends topping up the engine oil every 5,000 Km. While filling the engine oil, you must always look at the oil level gauge and ensure that you stay within the upper limit of the engine oil levels.

Top 3 Engine Oil for Bajaj Dominar 400

Engine Oil For Bajaj Dominar 400

Now you know how much engine oil is required for your Dominar 400 and what engine oil you should buy. The next important thing we will discuss in the Dominar 400 is the engine oil brands you can consider. The section below covers the top 3 engine oils available for Dominar 400 in India.

#1 Motul 7100 4T 10W-50 API SN Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 

Motul 7100 4T Engine oil for Domian 400

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We are sure you want the best engine oil for your Dominar 400. If you are not sensitive to price, then close your eyes and order Motul 7100 4T synthetic engine oil. This engine oil is designed to be used with superbikes and high-capacity engines. You will notice an immediate improvement in the engine performance as soon as you start using the engine oil. The acceleration improves, the clutch response improves, and you get the best performance from the start-up. The engine oil circulates well, and it protects the engine from overheating as well.


  • It is designed to get maximum performance from the engine.
  • Reduces internal friction of the engine.
  • Improves acceleration, speed and clutch performance.
  • Lasts much longer than stock oil.


  • It is an expensive engine oil.

#2 Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W-50 4T Full Synthetic Engine Oil 

Castrol POWER1 Engine oil for Domian 400

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At number 2, we have engine oil from Castrol. This is one of the most premium products from the brand, and it is designed for bikes with racing DNA. The engine oil has a proven record in improving acceleration. In addition, your engine stays new for a long time since the internal friction is reduced substantially. You will also notice that the vibrations have reduced and the engine noise is also less. The brand claims that the engine oil is good for 12,000 Km, but many users mentioned a minor performance reduction after 4,000 Km.


  • Statistical evidence states that it improves acceleration.
  • It maintains the engine performance during long rides.
  • It improves clutch engagement and eliminates shudder events.
  • It also helps in keeping the engine cool.


  • Performance reduces after 4000 Km.

#3 Liqui Moly 1502 Racing Synth 4T Engine Oil 10W-50 

Liqui Moly 1502 Racing Synth 4T Engine Oil for Domian 400

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The last option on the list is Liqui Moly. This is yet another high-performance engine oil, and you can be assured about the quality since it is manufactured in Germany. The engine becomes smoother, and the gear shifts are also better as soon as you use this engine oil from Liqui Moly. The price of this engine oil is comparable to Motul engine oil. Users have also reported significantly reduced vibrations after using this engine oil. Apart from this, you will also notice that the bike’s mileage improves after using Liqui Moly.


  • It is a German-made engine oil.
  • The change interval of 10,000 Km holds good.
  • It is designed for high-performance bikes where the engine revs hard.
  • You get smooth silk performance.


  • Difficult to procure from local shops.

How to Change Engine Oil for Dominar 400



This was all about the engine oil for Bajaj Dominar 400. It requires little maintenance and is also very easy to change the engine oil. Remember to change the oil filter whenever you are changing the engine oil. In addition, it is also a wise thing to verify the removed engine oil for metal particles and other such things. Inspecting the removed engine oil can help you gauge the engine’s health. While you are carrying out the maintenance, remember to refill the coolant as well. Coolants also have different grades, and you must follow the required grade of the coolant as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Lastly, please dispose of the used engine oil responsibly. Don’t drain it directly; it can clog the drains and harm the environment.

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