5 Recommended & Best engine oil for Bajaj Avenger 220 Street

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Engine Oil for Bajaj Avenger 220 Street

Motul 7100 4T 20W-50 Fully Synthetic

motul 7100 20w50

Looking for best engine oil for Bajaj Avenger 220 Street?

Engine oil can be considered as the most important factor in maintaining engine life. The engine acts as the heart of the vehicle hence it is important to take care of it for the proper running of the vehicle at all times. 

To get good mileage it is recommended to ride the vehicle in 4th or 5th gear with minimal usage of a clutch. Bajaj has buggy gears that make gear shifts harder. To overcome this issue it is important to use fully synthetic oil for Bajaj Avenger 220.

best engine oil for bajaj avenger 220 street

What is the recommended Engine oil grade for Bajaj Avenger 220 Street?

Engine oil differs based on viscosity and it has to be used according to the specification of your bikes. The recommended engine oil specification for Bajaj Avenger 220 is 20W50. It is recommended to buy engine oils online rather than at the nearest service station. Online stores offer more than 50% discount than the offline stores.

Top 5 Best oil for Bajaj Avenger 220 Street

Here, I have listed the 5 recommended engine oil for Bajaj Avenger 220 Street.

motul 7100 20w50

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Ratings (691+ Reviews):

4.3 out of 5


It is important to meet the viscosity requirements of your vehicle while buying engine oils. Motul 7100 is fully synthetic engine oil that supports most of the 4 stroke engines. 

This is formulated to meets the specifications of JASO and API. It is designed with synergy to reduce oil consumption and it reduces internal friction and provides extreme pressure performance for increased power. 

This fully synthetic engine oil meets the JASO and ensures clutch performance is at the maximum level during the start of the engine, at full speed, and during acceleration. 

  • 10000 Km Change interval
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Good Viscosity and better performance
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Reduces performance if wrong viscosity is used.
Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50

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4.3 out of 5 (886+ Reviews)
Liqui Moly 20W50

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Ratings (58+ Reviews):

4.6 out of 5


Liqui Moly is engine oil suggested for heavy-duty vehicles. This ensures better performance and protects the engine under different operating conditions thus keeping the engine better. 

It provides better lubrication and reduces noise to an optimum level. This ensures better clutch management and smooth shifting of gears. This engine oil is tested on vehicles with catalytic converters.

Liqui Moly is made with synthetic technology and thus meets the requirement for engine oil for most of the bikes. This helps in the better performance of the engine under varied temperature and prevents deposits. 

This can be used for both water-cooled and air-cooled engines. Engines with or without a wet clutch can use this engine oil. It can be used for sport bikes and other higher-end vehicles as well.

  • Supports multiple temperature conditions.
  • Better performance and provides better engine life.
  • Performance drops after several kilometers.
Shell Advance 20W 50

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Ratings (576+ Reviews):

4.2 out of 5


Unlike other engine oils this is not synthetic engine oil, this is mineral-based engine oil. This is designed for the better performance of standard bikes. This engine oil provides a smoother riding experience and makes the ride noise-free. 

This also reduces the vibration caused by the engine. This engine oil is developed in partnership with Ducati which is a well-known bike brand.

This engine oil cools down the bike engine and thus reduces engine-related issues caused due to heating. 

This engine oil is suitable for most vehicles it also supports Bajaj Avenger street 220. The engine oil requires change after 2000 km on average which is lower when compared to other engine oils. 

After using this engine oil you can see changes in engine performance. The vehicle moves smoother and the clutch, as well as gear, becomes smoother.

  • Improves engine performance and makes the engine smoother.
  • Suitable for major bike brands.
  • The quantity of engine oil specified and supplied is different.
  • Since it is mineral oil, it needs to change more frequently than other oils.
Castrol POWER1 Cruise 4T 20W 50

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Ratings (395+ Reviews):

4.3 out of 5


Castrol has been a pioneer in engine oil for several years. Castrol Power1 Cruise is advanced engine oil that has been manufactured with synthetic technology. 

This engine oil provides higher oxidation which is up to 14% higher than the normal engine oil and 5% increased power. This engine oil resists the thickening of oil caused due to increased temperatures and thus maintaining the performance of the bike. 

This engine oil supports the vehicles that are equipped with catalyst engines. This engine oil is suitable for almost all the 4 stroke engine bikes. This supports fuel injected and carburetor vehicles and meets API SN standard, MA2, and JASO MA. 

This engine oil supports most of the bikes some of the supported ones are Bajaj Avenger, Discover, Boxer, V15, Pulsar, v12, wind, and XCD. It also supports Harley Davidson models and many higher-end vehicles.

  • Supports most 4 stroke motorcycles that are fuel injected and carburetor based.
  • Reduces oil thickening caused due to higher temperatures and longer rides.
  • Becomes less efficient after 500 km.
HP Lubricants 20W 50

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Ratings (18+ Reviews):

3.3 out of 5


HP is one of the best-known engine oil brands. This engine oil is suitable for most major Bajaj bikes. It improves the performance of the engine and increases the performance of the bike. 

This engine oil has the longest drain interval which is 10000 kilometers. This engine oil reduces deposits on the engine and thus keeping the engine cleaner and smoother. 

This engine oil is compatible with major bike brands some of the bikes supported are Hero, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Suzuki. The engine provides better performance and reduces acceleration and reduces the hardness of the clutch. 

  • Longer drain interval of ten thousand kilometers
  • Improves vehicle performance.
  • Lesser temperature control thus engine gets heated easily.

Which engine oil is best for Avenger 220 Street?

motul 7100 20w50

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Motul 7100 4T 20W50 is the best engine oil for avenger street 220. It gives a better mileage of around 40 km/liter within the city limits and 50 km/litre in the outskirts. It runs for over 10000 km for a single fill. Avenger requires around 1100ml for every fill. There will be reduced vibration and has better temperature control.

When to Change Engine Oil on Bajaj Avenger 220?

It is recommended to change the engine oil between 2000 Km to 10000 km based on the type of oil we use. As is we uses mineral oil; then it is recommended to change every 2000 km, so that the engine performance will be maintained. Fully synthetic oils like Motul 7100 4T 20W-50 last long for 7000 to 1000 Kms.

How to check engine oil level in Avenger 220?

follow this steps to check engine oil level of your Avenger 220,

  • Open the engine oil compartment.
  • Check the thickness of engine oil with your fingers.
  • If the engine oil is too thick then it is a tight time to change engine oil.
  • Also, use a dipper to check the level of engine oil.
  • See if it has reached the minimum level marked in the dipper.
  • If it is at the lower mark then it is the right time to change the engine oil.

How much engine oil required for Bajaj Avenger?

Bajaj avenger requires 1100 ml of engine oil. Engine oil level differs from one vehicle to another. It is important to check the quantity of engine oil required for each vehicle and use the right quantity. Make sure while you buy the engine oil you buy the right quantity.

How to change engine oil level in avenger?

The procedure is simple either do it yourself or you can do it with the help of a mechanic. To change engine oil on Bajaj Avenger 200 street, follow this steps.

  • Remove the drain bolt underneath the engine.
  • Drain the old Engine Oil and close the bolt.
  • On the right side, remove the bolt from engine oil tank.
  • Pour the Engine oil using a funnel till the specified level.
  • Make sure there are no spills.
  • Close the lid of the engine oil tank to ensure the lid is closed properly.
  • Check for any leakage.
  • Use the right quantity of engine oil.

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Using the right engine oil for Bajaj Avenger 220 is important to keep the performance of your vehicle. Make sure to use the recommended standard of engine oil for your vehicle. If the standard specified is not met then there might be an issue with the performance of your vehicle.

I Hope you like this article, Feel free to ask any questions related to engine oil in comment. Also I have picked the list best engine oil for Pulsar 150 & Engine oil for Yamaha FZS; Check it once if you wish.

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