Engine Oil For Bajaj Pulsar P150 – Best 3 Picks

Bajaj Pulsar is not just a bike; it is a brand name. Bajaj has made a different product line out of Pulsar, and there are many options under this product category. Looking at it, you will notice that Pulsar has engine options ranging from 125 ccs, 150cc, 160cc, 180cc, 200 ccs, 220 ccs and 400 ccs. Bajaj Pulsar P150 has been the most popular variant since it offers users the right mix of power and fuel economy. Today, we are going to focus on Bajaj Pulsar P150. The new variant comes with the features like an infinity screen, USB charger and a better tyre. 

The new variant also gets a more refined engine which helps you travel like a breeze. This is the 149.68 cc engine coupled with a constant mesh five-speed transmission. The engine is very reliable, and with regular maintenance, it can prove to be a timeless machine. As a part of routine maintenance, you need to replace the engine oil and carry out other regular maintenance activities on the bike. Here, replacing the engine oil remains to be the most important activity. It is very important to have the right grade and quantity of engine oil. On this page today, you will find more information about the engine oil for Bajaj Pulsar P150. Check out the information in the sections below.

Bajaj Pulsar P150: Engine Oil Grade

You must always use the recommended grade of engine oil in the automobile engine. Talking about Pulsar P150, the recommended grade of engine oil is SAE 20W 50 JASO MA2 API SN compliance engine oil. This engine oil can be used in Pulsar P150 with a single and twin disc braking mechanism. It is also important to note that the engine oil change frequency for Bajaj Pulsar P150 is 10,000 Km or one year, whichever comes first. Please ensure that you look for JASO MA2 marking on the engine oil, or else your exhaust system can get damaged. It is a must-check for all BS-VI bikes.

Engine Oil Capacity of Bajaj Pulsar P150

The next important thing to note here is the quantity of engine oil you add to the engine. As per the user manual, you need 1000 ml of engine oil during the service. However, if you are rebuilding the engine, then you would need 1100 ml of engine oil. Practically, you need to park the vehicle on the centre stand and check the oil level through the engine oil level display. Once that is done, you must fill the engine oil between the upper and lower mark on the gauge. You need to ensure that you don’t fill over the top mark on the indicator.

Top 3 Best Engine Oil for Bajaj Pulsar P150

bajaj pulsar p150 engine Oil

As mentioned earlier, the recommended engine oil grade for Pulsar P150 is 20W 50. In this section, we will share the top three engine oils you can use for your Bajaj Pulsar P150. We have also listed the product link so you can order it from the comfort of your home.

#1 Motul 7100 4T Fully Synthetic 20W-50 Petrol Engine Oil

Motul Engine oil for Bajaj Pulsar P150

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The first engine oil we would like to discuss for Pulsar P150 is the fully synthetic oil from Motul. If you are looking for a highly reliable option, then this is the one that we recommend. Motul fully synthetic engine oils are known to be the best option, and they live up to their name. Their performance is impressive, and they also improve the performance of your bike. This engine oil is easily available in the market and keeps your engine like new.


  • It is the best quality engine oil available.
  • It reduces internal friction in engine components.
  • You will notice an improvement in mileage and acceleration.
  • It is a fully synthetic engine oil.


  • It is slightly expensive when compared with other options.

#2 Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50 API SM Technosynthese Engine Oil

Motul 3100 Engine oil for Bajaj Pulsar P150

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Many riders have restricted usage of the bike, and for them, we recommend the use of semi-synthetic engine oil. If you are among such users and want the best for your bike, then you must use Motul 3100 semi-synthetic engine oil. It is at par with the synthetic engine oil of other brands, and in some cases, it is even better. You will notice reduced engine vibration and noise as soon as you use this engine oil. Apart from this, you will also notice that this oil performs exceptionally well in extreme weather conditions.


  • It is a more affordable option in Motul.
  • It performs extremely well and makes the engine smooth.
  • The oil comes with a promise of better performance.
  • The engine oil has a higher thermal resistance and better stability.


  • It is a semi-synthetic engine oil.

#3 Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 20W-50 4T Synthetic Engine Oil

Castrol POWER1 Engine oil for Bajaj Pulsar P150

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At number 3, we have engine oil from Castrol. This is also a synthetic engine oil, but the advantage of this oil is that it is a lot more affordable. It performs well, and it also keeps your engine clean. This oil can help you take long cruising trips on your bike. Castrol is a well-known brand; hence, you can trust this engine oil for its performance. This engine oil also keeps the engine clean and eliminates the sludge build-up inside the engine.


  • This engine oil takes care of the bike during stressful riding conditions.
  • The viscosity remains constant, and hence it keeps the engine well-lubricated.
  • It is compatible with most bikes.
  • Designed for price-sensitive users.


  • Noting as such


This was all about the engine oils for Bajaj Pulsar P150. Ensure that you change the oil regularly, and it is always better to make an entry in the service booklet. This will help you understand the next service or oil change date. With this basic maintenance level, you can be assured of a trouble-free ownership experience with the Pulsar. All three engine oils listed above are of amazing quality, and they will certainly help you keep the bike like new. You can choose between the fully synthetic engine oil and the synthetic options before you proceed to the order. Lastly, you can contact us if you have any doubts about changing or ordering the engine oil.

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