6 Best Engine Oil for Hero Glamour – Recommended Grade

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Engine Oil for Hero Glamour Bikes

Motul 3100 4T 10W-30

Motul 3100 4T Gold 20W50

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The most essential and crucial part of servicing your Hero Glamour is the changing of engine oil. It reduces the friction caused between various parts and thereby ensures a smoother run. It neutralizes the acid formed during the combustion cycle and also cleans out the sludge. It also ensures resistance against corrosion.

Different vehicles require different engine oils as per their engine specifications, and it is very important to choose the right kind of engine oil. Regular change of engine oil will prove fruitful to you and your vehicle.

best engine oil for hero glamour

What is the recommended engine oil grade for Hero Splendor Plus?

Different engine oil grade has different viscosities and they also react differently at different temperatures. The recommended engine oil grade for the hero glamour bike is 10W-30.

6 Recommended & Best Engine oils for Hero Glamour

Let’s look into the list of 7 most recommended engine oil for Hero Splendor plus, Ismart, Super Splendor Bikes.

Motul 3100 10w30

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Ratings (187+ Reviews):

4.3 out of 5


Motul 3100 is a great option for all kinds of four-stroke motorcycles that run on low viscosity oil. Regular change of this oil increases the engine life as well as the life of spark plugs and valves.

You will notice the magic of Motul engine oil once you cross a larger distance because that is when you notice the smoother running of the engine and easy shifting of the gears. 

It has a feature of enhanced thermal stability due to which it will be your engine’s buddy in all seasons. 

It helps in getting a better cold start, especially in a long run; it will affect your battery life beneficially. 

Once you start using it regularly you can see that there is reduced engine wear, noise, and heat. If your pocket allows you to buy it then it is sure that you won’t regret this purchase.

Castrol power1 10W 30

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Ratings (388+ Reviews):

4.2 out of 5


Castrol Power1 is one of the most recommended engine oils for hero Glamour. It is a premium oil that comes with synthetic technology. 

It has a unique power-release technology that reduces friction and gives superior acceleration. Regular use of this oil reduces friction in the clutch and also tackles the problem of internal engine losses caused due to friction. 

It is a performance booster for all the latest four-stroke motorcycle engines. It also complies with the requirements of catalyst-equipped engines. 

It is proven that by using this engine oil that the bike would finish five meters ahead of bikes using other engine oils in just thirty seconds on acceleration. 

On using this oil regularly you will notice that the throttle response of your bike has turned better. 

It is one of the best options for bike riders in metro cities because the never-ending traffic in the cities demands continuous gear changes and this oil is gonna help you with smoother gear shifts. 

Liqui Moly 10W30 Bike Oil

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Ratings (221+ Reviews):

4.5 out of 5


Liqui Moly is a German company specializing in oils, lubricants, and additives. The company offers one of the premium engine oils in the market. 

It is high-performance motor oil that is based on synthetic technology. It gives maximum protection and optimum lubrication to the engine. 

Prolonged use of this oil enhances the quality of your vehicle by reducing friction and ensuring the smooth running of the engine.  

Out of the many engine oils available in the market, Liqui Moly is the only one that needs a change of oil after 6000 kilometers while other oils demand a change of oil after 3000 kilometers. 

This engine oil gives you a smoother driving experience and in the long run, you will see that it is increasing your engine life. 

Mobil Super Moto 10W 30 bike oil

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Ratings (152+ Reviews):

3.9 out of 5


This engine oil meets the requirements of most 4T bikes. It is a reliable brand of engine oil for hero glamour. Unlike the other engine oils discussed above, this one is not synthetic oil. It is a premium graded mineral oil. 

It tends to increase the life of the engine by increasing its resistance to wear. Its corrosion protection ability is very good and it protects various parts of the engine from corrosion, thus maintaining the efficiency of the engine. 

It helps in the cleaner operation of the engine due to the better thermal and oxidation property if offers. You will get a smoother run and excellent pickup of your engine using this oil.

The gear shift becomes smoother and the vibrations you usually experience are reduced. 


Savsol Ultra 4T 10W30 Bike Oil

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Ratings (103+ Reviews):

4.3 out of 5


It is highly recommended engine oil for all 100 to 125 cc two-wheelers. It falls on the less expensive side of the price scale and thud is very pocket friendly. 

Unlike other engine oils, it provides you with a good check on piston deposits and due to this reason, it gives a cleaner piston. It increases the life and performance of the engine. 

It also helps you in saving money by giving a good impact on the fuel usage of your bike. Overheating is a major problem that is faced by most engines; this engine oil protects your engine parts from the damage caused by overheating as this one has a better heat discharge property. 

This increases the life of your engine exponentially. It ensures you a smoother running experience. It is a great money saver. 

Gulf Pride bike oil 10w30

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Ratings (50+ Reviews):

4.3 out of 5


It is premium engine oil that is developed specifically for all 4 stroke motorcycles. It improves the performance of the engine by ensuring faster pickup and thus giving you the experience of an exhilarating ride.

If you are using this oil regularly you are sure to notice the smoother run of your engine. The clutch control of the bike also seems to improve on using this oil.

Which Engine Oil is best for Hero Glamour?

Engine oil plays a major role in determining the life of your bike’s engine and the right kind of oil is very important. It is very important to change the oil at regular intervals for the smooth functioning of your bikes.

Motul 3100 4T 10W-30 is a highly recommended oil for Hero glamour. Regular change of the oil reduces friction and ensuring a smoother running of the engine.

Due to its enhanced thermal stability, it can be used at any time of the year irrespective of which season it is. It is obviously on the higher end of the price scale but it is truly worth the money.

Motul 3100 10w30

What is the engine oil capacity of Hero Glamour

An engine’s power and torque output are directly proportional to its displacement. The engine oil capacity of Hero glamour is 900 ml and it is very important to ensure the quantity of the engine oil while filling and refilling your bike.

How to check the engine oil level in Hero Glamour?

It is very important to check the engine oil level on daily basis. Park the bike on its main stand on level ground. The level of the engine oil should be maintained between the upper-level mark and lower level mark of the dipstick.

How to Change Engine Oil in Hero Glamour?

Park your motorcycle and put it in the main stand on level ground. After this, you need to start the engine and leave it idle for 3-5 minutes.

Stop the engine. Remove the oil level dipstick and ensure that we clean, wipe it.

Reinsert the oil dipstick and check the oil level. If the level of the oil is closer to the lower level then add the oil till its necessary and reinstall the oil level dipstick.

When to change the engine oil in hero Hero Glamour?

Regular change of oil is very important to keep your engine clean. When oil flows through your engine it causes accumulation of dirt and dust and in a long run, it turns into sludge. 

Due to this reason changing oil at regular intervals is very important. For Hero glamour, the engine oil should ideally change after every 2000 km. If you make it a practice to change the oil at this interval then you will be rewarded with the smoother engine for a longer period. 


From this article, you must have understood that how important it is to choose the right kind of engine oil for the prolonged life of your engine. The engine oil protects various parts of your engine from wear and heat. Without a proper oil change, your engine accumulates dirt and causes friction.

Friction is not friendly with your pocket because as the friction increases the fuel economy decreases and thus it adversely affects your pocket. So changing engine oil and using the right kind of it is very crucial for your motorcycle.

I Hope you like this article, Feel free to ask any questions related to engine oil in comment. Also I have picked the list best engine oils for hero Hero Splendor Plus; Check it if you wish.

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    • No, for Hero Glamour 125 cc, the manufacturer recommended engine oil grade is 10W-30. Its good to use the same for long run. I mostly recommend Motul 3100 4T 10W-30


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