Engine Oil For KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390, Grade & Capacity

KTM bikes are known for their performance. They have an exhilarating acceleration, and they can reach high top speeds. Many people like to use their KTM bikes on tracks as well.

Currently, KTM has four models in Naked Bikes: the KTM 390 Duke, KTM 250 Duke, KTM 200 Duke and KTM 125 Duke.

The brand also has full fairing bikes under the Super Sports category with 390, 250, 200 and 125 cc engines. The last product line from KTM is KTM Adventure, which has a 390 cc and a 250 cc engine. All these bikes are considered to be high-performance bikes.

These bikes are loaded with features like Quick Shifter, TFT Display, Slipper Clutch and ABS. One thing that is very similar between KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390 is their engine design. The only difference is the displacement; otherwise, they are designed very similarly. The main question is about the maintenance of these engines and the engine oil you should use. On this page, you will find all the details about the engine oil for KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390. You can scroll below and find out all the information that you need.

KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390: Engine Oil Grade

You will be surprised to know that all these bikes require a similar grade of engine oil. As per their user manual, KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390 needs SAE 15W 50 with JASO MA2 compliance. The engine oil is mostly used in high-performance bikes as it reduces friction drastically and maintains viscosity. So, no matter which model of KTM Duke you have, you will need the same grade of engine oil for the bike. We highly recommend choosing fully-synthetic engine oil as this would be the best for KTM’s high-performance engine. 

Engine Oil Capacity of KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390

The engine oil capacity for the KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390 varies. It depends on what model and engine capacity you are riding. You need to ensure that you are not overfilling the engine oil, which can damage the transmission box and the clutch. The quantity of engine oil varies depending on the displacement of the engine. The higher the displacement, the more engine oil would be required by the engine. You can look at the pointers below to know the exact quantity of engine oil required as per the model.

  • KTM Duke 125 – 1.5 L
  • KTM Duke 200 – 1.5 L
  • KTM Duke 250 – 1.7 L
  • KTM Duke 390  – 1.7 L 

3 Best Engine Oil for KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390

So most of the KTM bikes need SAE 15W 50 engine oil. If you are still unsure which engine oil you should buy, we are here to help you. You can check out the top 3 engine oils for KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390 below.

#1 Motul 300V Factory Line Ester Core Fully Synthetic 15W-50 Petrol Engine Oil

Motul 300V 104125 Engine oil for KTM Duke

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If you are looking for premium engine oil, you can consider Motul 300V with Double Ester Technology. This engine oil is designed for racing bikes and works very well. It has excellent thermal resistance, and it keeps your engine new. This engine oil from Motul also prevents any deposits on the engine, which massively helps reduce the engine’s internal friction. Motul is overall considered to be the best brand for engine oil.


  • It is a 100% synthetic engine oil with Ester Technology.
  • It protects the engine from sludge deposits.
  • It lubricates the engine and reduces wear.
  • This engine oil improves fuel economy, acceleration and engine life.


  • Nothing as such.

#2 Shell Advance Ultra 4T 15W-50 API SN Fully Synthetic Motorbike Engine Oil

Shell Advance Ultra 4T 15W Engine oil for KTM Duke

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One of the major competitors to Motul engine oil is Shell. This engine oil is far superior to many options available in India. It is known to reduce engine wear, and it also helps in keeping the engine clean. Apart from this, Shell also claims that you get a better fuel economy of up to 5 Kmpl after using this engine oil. You can use it in any model of Duke, and you can be assured that you will get good results.


  • It improves fuel economy and reduces engine wear by up to 36%.
  • It keeps the engine 49% clean when compared with other engine oil.
  • It is best suited for high-performance & racing motorbikes.
  • Improves fuel economy by up to 5 Kmpl.


  • It is available in a 1 L pack.

#3 Liqui Moly 15W50 4T Street Synthetic Technology Engine Oil

Liqui Moly 1521 Racing 4T Engine oil for KTM Duke

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The last option on the list is a super-premium engine oil manufactured by Liqui Molly. The price of this engine oil is at par with other options on the list, but it is available in a 4L pack, so you end up spending more. You can keep the remaining engine oil in your garage and use it later. The change interval of this engine oil is claimed to be 6000 Km which is good enough considering the engine operates under a lot of stress.


  • It is made in German engine oil.
  • It has a higher oil change interval of 6000 Km.
  • It offers optimum lubrication and keeps the engine clean for a longer time.
  • This engine oil ensures gentle clutch engagement and gear shifting.


  • This is available in a 4L pack.

How to Change Engine Oil in KTM Duke?



This was all the information about the engine oil for KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390. Please ensure that you get JASO MA2 engine oil for the BS-VI bike. The JASO MA2 engine oils are required to maintain the exhaust assembly’s catalytic converter. You can also refer to the user manual if you need information. Apart from this, we have validated all the information so you can rely on the engine oil grade and the quantity you need. We want to mention that you should look at the engine oil gauge while refilling the engine oil. Stay within the maximum mark and at the same time, make sure that you change the engine oil filter for the KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390. If you have any additional questions for KTM Duke 125, 200, 250 & 390, then leave a comment, and we will get back to you with a response.

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