3 Best Engine Oil For Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Royal Enfield Classics has always been popular, but the brand keeps bringing new models with improved designs. One such new model that Royal Enfield launched was Hunter 350. It became an instant hit because of its maneuverability. The retro design combined with the modern design is a head-turner. In addition, the RE Hunter 350 is coupled with a 350 cc J engine that perfectly balances mileage and performance. RE Hunter 350 is an excellent choice for city rides, especially if you have to navigate the streets. Hunter 350 performs even better when it is on an expressway.

RE Hunter 350 also has a Digi-analog cluster with an in-built navigation system. To improve your safety, the bike also gets a dual-channel ABS. The ABS keeps you in complete control when you need to stop at a short distance. Lastly, the hunter also gets a USB port to charge your device on the go. Royal Enfield bikes are very resilient; the only maintenance you would usually need is changing the engine oil and cleaning the air filter. You can mostly do that by yourself, but there are some things that you should know before you attempt. Check out the details below for more information on RE Hunter 350 engine oil.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Engine Oil Grade

Like most Royal Enfield bikes, the Hunter 350 also needs SAE 15W50 API Grade JASO MA2 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil. The grade of engine oil maintains viscosity even at high temperatures. You can replace semi-synthetic oil with synthetic oil, depending on your usage. Many brands offer engine oil with this specification, and you can check them out in the sections below. Please restrict to the recommended grade of engine oil, or else you may risk excessive wear & tear. This information has been shared after reviewing the advice from the official Royal Enfield Service Center and matching it up with the recommended lubricant grade in the user manual of RE Hunter 350.

Engine Oil Capacity of Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The standard quantity of engine oil is available in a 1L pack, and you might assume that you need to fill in two such packs completely. However, this is not true. The actual engine oil capacity is less than 2L, and you need to ensure that you don’t add engine oil in excess. When replacing the engine oil in your RE Hunter 350, you need to add 1.7 L. However, if you have been through an engine rebuild and if it is a completely dry fill, then you need to add 2.2 L of engine oil.

Top 3 Engine Oil for Royal Enfield Hunter 350

So, now you know what grade of engine oil should be used in your RE Hunter 350. The next question is which engine oil you should get for RE Hunter 350. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top 3 engine oils recommended for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350.

1. Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W-50 API Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W-50 API Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

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When it comes to the Royal Enfield Bikes, Motul has always been a market leader. Mechanics and even bike enthusiasts recommend the brand. If you are not worried about the price, this is the engine oil you should get. It not only improves the bike’s performance but also reduces the wear & tear of the engine. It prolongs the life of the engine and thus reduces unplanned maintenance expenses. Even though it is a semi-synthetic oil, it is still superior to other engine oils. The technosynthese technology used for creating the blend positively impacts the quality and performance of the engine oil.


  • Improved lubrication for reduced wear & tear.
  • High smoking point & low consumption oil.
  • JASO MA2 Specification Compliant Engine Oil
  • Improved acceleration & mileage


  • Semi-synthetic engine oil has a lower change interval.

2. Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 15W-50 4T Synthetic Engine Oil

Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 15W-50 4T Synthetic Engine Oil

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If you like to give full throttle to your bike, you must buy an abuse-friendly engine oil. Here is one such option from Castrol. This engine oil is perfect for long highway rides or short city trips. It optimizes the engine performance and helps you get the power on demand. This engine oil performs well for wet clutch, and at the same time, it works well with engines having catalyst converters. Castrol Power1 Cruise has also been tested with a carburettor & fuel-injected technology, which has consistently improved the bike’s performance.


  • Synthetic engine oil has a better life.
  • JASO MA2 compliant as per recommendation from Royal Enfield.
  • Improved performance while cruising.
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • Some users report oil loss.

3. Shell Advance 4T AX7 15W-50 API SM Synthetic Engine Oil

Shell Advance 4T AX7 15W-50 API SM Synthetic Engine Oil

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Shell is yet another popular brand across the globe. The brand is known for lubricants, and engine oil is one of its top-selling products from Shell. If you are looking for an engine oil that keeps the engine clean, then Shell is the one for you. It works best if you have to take short rides, as the short rides can often lead to carbon build-up in the engine. Shell engine oil will eliminate the need for engine flush by keeping it clean. Even when you are planning a trip to the Himalayas, Shell engine oil for Hunter 350 will be your best companion.


  • Keeps engine clean & prevents sludge build-up.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • JASO MA2 compliant & high temperature resistant.
  • Works best in stressful conditions and extreme temperatures.


  • Shorter change intervals.

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This was all about the Engine Oils for Royal Enfield Hunter 350. You can order them online and replace the engine oil yourself. It is one of the easiest parts of maintaining your bike. While replacing the engine oil for your Hunter 350, skim through the drained oil. The oil should not have any metal shavings. You must also check the recommended interval for the oil change. Occasionally, you can opt for engine flush, which will clear the carbon deposits from engine oil. On a closure note, if you ride your bike hard, you must change your engine oil before the recommended intervals. However, if you are a sedated rider, you can restrict yourself to the recommended engine oil change interval.

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