Engine Oil For TVS Ronin, Price Best Pick, Grade and Capacity

TVS is a trendy brand when it comes to two-wheelers. If you are looking for a medium displacement bike from TVS, consider the 225  TVS Ronin. The bike has all LED lights, and it also has a uniquely designed chain cover. The bike also has an asymmetric speedometer which looks unique.

TVS Ronin also has multiple modes for ABS. You can toggle the dual-channel ABS between rain & urban mode, which improves safety even on tricky dates. Even the brake & clutch levers are adjustable. The bike also has Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity features along with SmartXonnect.

The engine of TVS Ronin comes with Glide Through Technology, where you can release the clutch in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gear, and the bike will crawl without any inputs on the accelerator. Apart from this, the bike comes with a slipper clutch that makes the gear shift smooth. You will agree that the bike takes a lot of abuse in stop-start traffic conditions in India. To counter the impact of such traffic, you must always treat your TVS Ronin with the best possible engine oil. The main purpose of this page is to give you the right information about the engine oil for TVS Ronin. Very few resources are available for this bike from TVS, so here is all the complete information for you.

TVS Ronin Engine Oil Grade

For the TVS Ronin, the brand recommends the use of SAW 10W 30 API SL JASO MA2 compliance fully synthetic engine oil. This engine oil takes care of the engine, the transmission, and the catalytic converter in the exhaust assembly. It is very important to restrict yourself to the recommended engine oil. Moreover, you must never mix different grades of engine oil.

You can occasionally go for an engine oil flush, which will keep the engine in perfect condition for the years to come. The wrong grade of oil can damage the engine, catalytic converter, and transmission. 

Engine Oil Capacity of TVS Ronin

Higher-capacity bikes require a higher amount of engine oil. TVS Ronin comes with a 225 cc engine, requiring 1300 ml engine oil at the time of regular service. In engine disassembly, you must add 1500 ml of engine oil.

Never fire up the engine without the engine oil, as it can severely damage the head, piston, and other parts of the engine. Always ensure that you have the correct quantity of engine oil. Even overfilling the engine oil can damage the transmission since the engine oil in the bikes also serves as the transmission oil.

Top 3 Engine Oil for TVS Ronin

As mentioned earlier, you need 1300 ml 10W 30 JASO MA2 fully synthetic engine oil during regular service. However, do you know what the best engine oil brands are for TVS Ronin? Go ahead and check out the top three options in the list below.

#1 Castrol POWER1 10W-30 4T Synthetic Engine Oil

Castrol POWER Engine Oil For TVS Ronin

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Price: Start from 400/-

When you are in doubt about engine oil, you can always go for universal brands like Castrol. They are known to have strict quality controls and offer products at a very reasonable price. This engine oil from Castrol can be used in TVS Ronin and is perfect for stressful conditions. The Castrol engine oil also protects your engine and removes the sludge deposited over the years. You can never go wrong with a brand like Castrol. Apart from this, this engine oil would reduce the internal friction between the moving parts of the engine in TVS Ronin and hence it reduces wear & tear by up to 50%.


  • It manages the heat well in higher displacement engines.
  • It provides excellent protection to the engine.
  • The oil makes the ride smooth, and it reduces wear & tear.
  • It is a very reliable brand.


  • Nothing as such.

#2 Shell Advance 4T Fuel Save 10W-30 (SN/MA2) Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Shell Advance 4T Engine Oil For TVS Ronin

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Price: Start from 400/-

If you are looking for engine oil from a premium brand, you must check out the offering from Shell. This engine oil will not only keep your engine new, but it will also improve the bike’s fuel efficiency by up to 5 Kmpl. You would agree that this is what you need at a time when fuel prices are constantly on the rise. This engine oil also makes the gear shifts very smooth. You will notice that the engine oil helps during traffic conditions and prevents the engine from overheating. Since it is a fully synthetic engine oil, the quality is much better with a longer change interval.


  • It offers 29% better temperature protection at high temperatures.
  • This engine oil offers 36% better wear protection.
  • Improves fuel economy by up to 5 Kmpl.
  • It enables smooth gear shifts.


  • It is slightly expensive.

#3 Liqui Moly 10W30 4T Street Synthetic Technology Engine Oil 

Liqui Moly 10W30 4T Engine Oil For TVS Ronin

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Price: Start From 800/-

If you are alright with semi-synthetic engine oil, we recommend this offering from Liqui Moly. Ideally, this semi-synthetic oil from Liqui Moly is at par with the synthetic oil from other brands. The change interval of this engine oil is 6,000 Km, and you can trust the quality of this engine oil since it is manufactured in Germany. The engine oil works well in extreme riding conditions. You can use this engine oil with air-cooled or liquid-cooled engines available on TVS bikes.  


  • This engine oil is manufactured in Germany.
  • It has an oil change interval of 6,000 Km.
  • It is suitable for all types of operating conditions.
  • It keeps the engine clean.


  • It is a semi-synthetic engine oil.

How to Check and Change Engine Oil for TVS Ronin


With all the information listed above, we assure you that you are well-equipped to replace the engine oil of TVS Ronin by yourself. You can even take this engine oil to the workshop, and you can get them to replace it with the one you purchased. It is totally up to your discretion. Remember that the better the engine oil, the longer the engine’s life will be.

Also, please ensure that you are using JASO MA2 compliance engine oil in the TVS Ronin, as the exhaust system of this bike has a catalytic converter. The Non-JASO MA2 engine oil can damage the catalytic converter of the bike.

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