6 Best Bike Engine Oil for Yamaha FZ-S & FZ v2

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Engine Oil for Yamaha FZ-S & FZ v2 Motorcycles

Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W-50

Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W 50

This sport bike deserves special attention as it was released at the turn of the disruptive 20th century and the high-tech 21st century. The Yamaha FZS motorcycle is subject to several significant changes. It has got a bigger gas tank and a more comfortable seat.

Best Engine Oil for Yamaha FZ-S

What is the recommended oil grade for Yamaha FZ-S?

Engine oil, its quality, the regularity of replacement, compliance of the grade with a given engine, and the specific conditions of its operation, all play a huge role in ensuring the durable and reliable operation of any engine.

When it comes to choosing the best engine oil for Yamaha FZS, one should look into the recommended engine oil grade first. The recommended engine oil grade for Yamaha FZS oil is 15W-50.

6 Best oils for Yamaha FZ-S, FZ v2

Here we will talk about the best engine oil for Yamaha FZS and their pros and cons.

Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W 50

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Ratings (1635+ Reviews):

4.4 out of 5


The Motul brand is now known in more than 85 countries around the world. At the same time, the characteristics of both oils and consumables have been constantly improved during this period, and the range of goods has significantly expanded. 

The exceptional quality and reliability of protection have been proven numerous times by numerous race victories by competitors who use Motul lubricants for their vehicles. 

When it comes to the Best Engine Oil for Yamaha FZS then this Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W-50happens to be the best.

  • They have excellent lubricating properties, which are smokeless, fuel versatility, and absence of carbon deposits on the parts of the exhaust system and engine. 
  • Motul care and protection products provide cleaning of the bike from dirt, dust, and other types of dirt. 
  • Motul has DOT and RBF brake fluids for bikes, with their unique characteristics and versatility of application, contribute not only to the extension of the working life of the mechanism but also act as a guarantee of safe driving in difficult conditions of urban movement. 
  • The Engine heats up after 500 km.
  • After 800 km one may experience some toughness..
Shell Advance Ultra 15W 50

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Ratings (881+ Reviews):

4.4 out of 5


The Shell Advance Ultra 15W-50 API is the perfect option for motorcycles. It has a range of lubricants specially designed for motorcycles that helps them stay in optimal condition and respond to the lightest touch.
SHELL Advance 4T Ultra SAE 15W-50 is unique fully synthetic motor oil for 4-stroke motorcycles. It is formulated to provide maximum engine protection, superior clutch, and transmission performance in high-quality four-stroke motorcycles.
Shell’s patented PurePlus technology changes natural gas to pure base oil with almost no crude oil scums found in most conventional and synthetic motorcycle oils.
Shell 15W-50 is suitable for the latest generation of 4T air and liquid-cooled, wet clutch, oil bath type motorcycle engines. It can be used in 4-stroke motorcycle engines of any size.

  • Shell Advance 15W-50 is formulated with Pure Plus Technology.
  • The oil maximizes engine performance while protecting and extending engine life.
  • The product exceeds the requirements of all motorcycle manufacturers.
  • There are cases of automatic decrease of the oil from the engine in the form of smoke.
  • Sometimes the engine loses its smoothness.
Castrol POWER1 Cruise 4T 15W 50

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Ratings (373+ Reviews):

4.4 out of 5


Castrol POWER1 was developed using innovative formulation technology, which is based on over 100 years of experience in lubricating two-wheelers. When looking for the Best Engine Oil for Yamaha FZS this brand is also the one that will attract your attention. 

For the 4-stroke engines, Castrol POWER1 is equipped with the Power Sustain Technology, which optimizes friction and allows two-wheelers to enjoy excellent acceleration while riding.

Castrol POWER1 keeps the engine clean and free of carbon deposits, ensuring the long-lasting performance of a vehicle.

Castrol Power1 comes with plastic canisters that have an integrated spout for clean filling. So as not to pour anything aside!

  • Reduce friction losses and offer good performance on a long ride.
  • Prevent premature thickening of the engine oil.
  • High compatibility with the clutch.
  • Faster engine lubrication after starting
  • Significantly better engine cleanliness.
  • After 1500 km the oil thickens up.
Mobil Super Moto 4T Synthetic 15W 50

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Ratings (61+ Reviews):

4.1 out of 5


Mobil Super Moto 4T MX 15W-50 is high performance multigrade semi-synthetic oil, developed to provide superior protection in severe conditions and high temperatures.

It has a formulation that unites a high viscosity and synthetic bases, with special additives. It protects all motorcycle systems at the same time: engine, transmission, and clutch.

  • Mobil Super Moto uses a unique blend of unconventional mineral oils and bases, with advanced additives, which are selected to provide excellent engine cleanliness and superior protection against oil thickening.
  • Helps extend engine life.
  • Exceptional engine cleanliness and smooth, reliable operation.
  • Consistent power due to lower friction losses. An overall optimized balance of engine performance and lower fuel consumption.
  • It increases engine performance and reduces fuel usage.
  • The oil lacks smoothness at times.
Liqui Moly 15W50 4T Street Synthetic

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Ratings (229+ Reviews):

4.4 out of 5


Liqui Moly 15W50 4T happens to be developed for the air and water-cooled 4-stroke engines. For the bike engines that are exposed to normal to extreme operating conditions, this is the right oil. Also, the oil is perfect for the sports bike.

  • Optimal lubrication under all operating conditions.
  • Good Pump ability and aging stability.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • High lubricant & wear protection.
  • Optimum engine cleanliness.
  • It is formulated to meet the design features of most motorcycles. 
  • For long term usage, the oil may slow down the engine function at times.
HP Lubricants Racer4 15W 50 API S

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Ratings (373+ Reviews):

4.1 out of 5


The greatness of this HP Lubricants Racer4 15W-50 is that its combination of advanced additives. This engine oil is used to guarantee a stable and smooth ride. Its balanced formula has been developed to adapt perfectly to the needs of bike enthusiasts looking for optimal driving comfort. 

  • This lubricant is specially developed for 4-stroke bike engines. 
  • Original driving comfort preserved.
  • Easier liquid management; thanks to its wide range of applications. 
  • After 4000 km many of the riders have faced a problem because of a lack of smoothness.

What is Yamaha fzv2 engine oil capacity?

1.1 liter is the oil capacity of Yamaha fzv2 in case the rider plans to change the oil along with the oil filter. The bike has the capacity of holding more than 1.1 liters. The oil filter chamber holds the additional quantity of the oil.

What is the Yamaha FZS oil change period?

As it is clear from the opinions of the experts a number of factors determine the time period, but roughly it is 6 months. The oil change needs to take place every 2000 kilometers, so the 6 months time-frame would be perfect in this case.

Which is the best engine oil for Yamaha FZS?

Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W 50

Check price now on Amazon

You have gone through all the descriptions of the engine oil brands and how they function. But what is the actual Best Engine Oil for Yamaha FZS?

When it comes to choosing the best then the experts go for the Motul 5100 4T Hybrid 15W-50. The perfect performance of the oil in different weathers and circumstances has made them assured about the supreme quality of the oil.

What do these oils Do?

The importance of engine oil is all covering. Be it the lubrication or the reduction of the engine friction or the cooling, in every part, the process is made smoother with the engine oil.

1. Lubricates the engine

The primary objective of the engine oil happens to be ensuring that all the engine parts get enough lubrication so that the friction and the level of wearing eases up.

2. Cool the engine

Proper coating of the engine oil takes away the heat from the engine. Even when one switches off the engine, the oil comes back to the oil pan. The finer the quality of the oil will be the better the cooling down process will take place.

3. Clean the engine

This process is done with two elements, base oil, and additives. At the time of the engine cleaning, additional engine protections are offered by the additives. The part of the lubrication is done by the base oil. No matter whatever parts it contacts, engine oils are sure to clean them all. On the other hand, the carbon formations are cleaned with the additives.

4. Improve performance

As the engine stays clean with the engine oil, the performance of the engine also stays at its best. With fine fuel efficiency and a clean and smooth-running engine, the output of the bike maximizes.

5. Increase Life Span of Engine

With the oiled engine and proper maintenance, the engine life extends to a great many years. The oil helps to reduce the sludge and keep the bike inside parts well cleaned.

Things to Consider before buying engine oil

The most necessary step is to follow the recommendation of your motorcycle manufacturer when it comes to the choice of oil.

1. Reviews

The online reviews come up as a great point to start when choosing the right oil, there you will find the feedbacks offered by the users. According to the reports shared by them, you can choose the best engine oil for you.

2. Compatibility

Wrong oil in the wrong model may create unnecessary complications. Get expert advice as to which model needs which brand or type or grade of oil.

3. Viscosity

It is the fast or slow flow of the oil that is called viscosity. When it comes to the low viscosity oil, then it means that it flows fast and freely. There is practically no flow for the high viscosity oil and in this case, molasses form. The rating of the oil comes like the following: 15W-50. At the time when the engine is cold, then 15W happens to be the SAE viscosity grade. It reaches 50 at the time the engine becomes hot. So the choice has to be done quite wisely.

Choose the best oil for your Yamaha FZS Motorcycle

Though expert opinion is there, there is always a space for personal satisfaction. From that aspect, it is important to take the stand where you check the quality of the different brands of engine oil by using them yourself. The best brands are right here. It’s your choice that matters. Choose the Best Engine Oil for Yamaha FZS 


I Hope you like this article, Feel free to ask any questions related to engine oil in comment. Also I have picked the list best engine oil for hero Passion Pro; Check it if you wish.

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