Best Engine Oil for CNG Car in India

CNG is a popular choice of fuel in India. It is eco-friendly, and at the same time, it proves to be very economical to use CNG as fuel. It is mandatory in some Indian states to use CNG in vehicles meant for public transportation. CNG is also available easily, and hence there has been a great adoption of this alternative fuel. Many people have adopted CNG, and since it is a less-pollution alternative, the government also promotes CNG vehicles in one way or another. 

Today, even manufacturers are heavily invested in CNG vehicles. You can get CNG-fitted kits from manufacturers, and they are safe, reliable, and robust. You can convert your existing vehicle to CNG if you have a petrol vehicle. There are several aftermarket kits available that can convert your existing vehicle to a CNG vehicle. Now, there is a lack of knowledge about maintaining the CNG car. There are too many myths around it, and you will notice that no clear direction is available.

Best Engine Oil for CNG Car in India

Best Engine Oil for CNG Car in India

To help you crack the myths, we have compiled this page listing some basic information about engine oil for CNG cars. Go ahead and check out the details below.

#1 Engine Oil for OEM CNG Car

The first type of cars that we are going to talk about is the OEM CNG Cars. There are cars where CNG kits are fitted from the factory during manufacturing. For such cars, manufacturers know you will be using CNG fuel. The CNG gauge and other important equipment are integrated into the car’s design. When you need engine oil for such cars, you can refer to the owner’s manual and use the engine oil recommended per the user manual. Different car brands have different recommendations around engine oil for CNG cars, and it depends on multiple factors. 

So, if you plan to buy a car with company fitted CNG, go ahead and buy the engine oil that the manufacturer recommends. This will serve you well, and there is no need for any change in the engine oil for such cars, even if you use CNG extensively.

#2 Engine Oil for Aftermarket CNG Car

The next type of car is the one where you get an aftermarket CNG kit. These are usually petrol cars where the manufacturer recommends a certain engine oil grade. You get the CNG kit installed aftermarket, and you use it. The problem with the CNG is that it heats the engine more than petrol. This difference in the heat can be significantly more when you compare it with petrol. To maintain the engine in proper health, we would recommend a change here. There is a possibility that you could be using a mineral based engine oil or a semi-synthetic engine oil. You must start using fully synthetic engine oil in cars with aftermarket CNG kits. 

The fully synthetic engine oil has a better quality, and it also maintains the viscosity in a more efficient way. It may be a little expensive to use fully synthetic engine oil, but it is required to ensure that your engine remains in fine nick. Please ensure that you are not changing the grade of the engine oil and always use engine oil from a reliable brand. It may cost you a little more, but it will certainly be cheaper than the engine overhaul. 

#3 Change Interval for CNG Cars

Many people also ask us if they need to reduce the change interval for engine oil for CNG cars. The answer to this question is in affirmation. You need to reduce the engine oil change interval. The recommended interval of an engine oil change for aftermarket CNG cars is between 5000 and 7000 Km. However, you can restrict the change interval from the user manual for the cars where the CNG kit is company fitted. Changing the engine oil in a shorter interval will ensure that the oxidation of the engine oil doesn’t impact the performance of the engine.

Final Verdict

This was some of the basic information about engine oil for CNG cars. To conclude, we can say that you can restrict to the recommendations from the manufacturer for the company fitted CNG kit. However, you can make slight modifications to the engine oil used for the cars with aftermarket CNG kits. Please ensure that you inform the RTO and get the new registration certificate whenever you install an aftermarket CNG kit in the car. This will help you ensure that you are abiding by the law. The same information should also be passed on to the insurance company. We hope you got a good perspective on the engine oil for CNG cars. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us via the comment section, and we will be happy to help you.

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