When to change Engine oil in Scooter / Scooty?

When to change Engine Oil in scooty?

Everyone who has a scooter must develop a habit of maintaining a regular schedule of servicing it, to avoid unwanted breakdowns and repairs. How often should you change oil in scooter? when to change engine oil?

One such scheduling period is around 6 months or every 2000 to 3000 km distance covered. That is when engine oil change also comes into account.

Engine oil plays a crucial part when it comes to increasing the lifetime of the Scooter. Engine Oil mainly does three functions lubrication, cooling, and cleaning.

when to change engine oil
when to change engine oil

5 Benefits of Changing and Using Engine Oil:

One of the easiest things that we can least do to our scooter is periodic engine oil changes. Several benefits of changing engine oil are as follows:

1. Increased Performance

The power of the engine depends upon the quality of the engine oil used. It increases the fuel efficiency which leads to an increase in mileage of the scooter. Thereby overall high performance and smooth running of the scooter can be achieved by simply changing the engine oil regularly.

2. Lubrication of internal parts

Scooters have many parts that are moving. Engine oil should have high viscosity to form a perfect shield and protect the parts against the friction. The System of lubrication inside the engine must ensure proper flow of the oil to all the parts making them work fine and reducing the time taken to wear and tear of the moving parts.

3. Heat resistance

Engine oil is known for keeping the heat away from the engine parts by acting as a coolant on them. High heat in the engine results in higher carbon production which is harmful to the engine. A perfect engine oil maintains the temperature at a minimal threshold, thereby reducing the heat that developed in.

4. Deep Cleansing

All kind of dirt, debris, and sludge that enters the engine is carried away from the engine parts by the engine oil. There are two ingredients of engine oil, stock oil, and improver. Stock oil helps the lubrication process while improver collects the carbon impurities. It also reduces the rust formation inside the metal parts.

5. Environment Friendly

Regular engine oil change reduces oxidation and carbon formation. So the emission of carbon into the environment is lesser when the oil used is of good quality. Good engine oil can promote lesser fuel consumption which is again a boon.

What Oil should we use?

Generic types of engine oil are Conventional Natural oil, Lab Manufactured oil, and Hybrid oil. However, regardless of the cost and quality of the engine oil, we must always use the engine oil that has the grade recommended by the manufacturer of the scooter.

Motul 10w 30 engine oil is the leading recommended brand of engine oil for the gearless scooters. It increases the pickup and mileage of the scooter and is considered as cost-effective.

Motul Scooter LE 10W30 Engine Oil
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The Engine of the scooter needs engine oil for its smooth run just like the human body needs blood. We need to check up on the health of the engine oil to maintain the health of our scooter. It is important to select the engine oil that perfectly matches the scooter.

I hope you like my article and it is useful to change engine oil in your scooter. Also, read my 7 necessary things to consider before buying engine oils, How to change Engine Oil on our own, and check my different suggestions for engine oil for all scooters in India.

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