Suzuki Burgman Engine Oil, Best Pick, Grade and Capacity

Gearless scooters or scooters with automatic transmissions are very popular.  They are easy to drive and the presence of automatic transmission makes them a popular choice for everyone.  If you are looking for an impressive scooter from Suzuki, you can consider Burgman.  It also comes with connected features along with a navigation system.  Talking about the transmission, Suzuki Burgman comes with CVT.  It is very smooth and it has a solid acceleration.  The front brake of Burgman is a Disc Brake, and the rear brake is a drum-type brake.  Overall, Suzuki Burgman is a very popular-selling scooter.

The Burgman has a 124 cc engine capacity, and it comes with a fuel injection fuel system.  You need to service your Suzuki Burgman every four months or every 4,000 Km, whichever comes early.  It is mandatory to change the engine oil of the scooter for every service, and this page is for you if your service is due shortly.  On this page, you will learn everything about the engine oil for Suzuki Burgman.  So, scroll down and check out the various section on this page.  It should also help you in replacing the engine oil yourself.

Suzuki Burgman Engine Oil Grade

As per the user manual, you must use 10W 40 engine oil for Suzuki Burgman.  You must use JASO MA2 engine oil.  We recommend using a semi-synthetic or a fully synthetic engine oil.  Ensure that you choose the suitable grade of engine oil so that the engine is not damaged because of the wrong engine oil grade.  You can use the genuine Suzuki engine oil for your Burgman, but we recommend checking out the other options since they are much better than the regular oil the brand uses.  Let us now move on to the next section and check out the engine oil capacity of Suzuki Burgman.

Engine Oil Capacity of Suzuki Burgman

We went through many online resources, and most claim that Suzuki Burgman requires 1L engine oil, but this is not true.  The Suzuki Burgman requires approximately 650 ml to 700 ml of engine oil, and you need to ensure that you are not adding excess engine oil.  Adding excess engine oil can damage the engine.  Please note that the engine oil is different from the transmission oil in Suzuki Burgman.  You need to add 50 ml of gear oil to your Suzuki Burgman.  The gear oil in the Suzuki Burgman is replaced every 8000 Km.  Please note that you need a syringe to add the gear oil to the scooter.

Best 3 Engine Oil for Suzuki Burgman

In this section, we have listed the top 3 engine oils for Suzuki Burgman.  Please note that in Suzuki Burgman, the engine oil is different from the gear oil.  You must not mix the two and must ensure that you are adding the correct grade of engine oil.  Check out some of the best options available in the market now – 

#1 Shell Advance AX7 4T 10W-40 API SM Synthetic Technology Motorbike Engine Oil 


Shell Advance AX7 4T Burgman Engine Oil

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The first engine oil on the list today is from Shell.  This is a semi-synthetic engine oil, and it is pretty affordable.  The engine oil can last up to 12,000 Km without any reduction in performance.  Shell also claims that this engine will help you get better fuel economy and superior wear protection.  Because of great lubrication levels, this engine oil helps you keep the Burgman’s engine clean.  There are no deposits on the engine head, and it further reduces internal friction.  This semi-synthetic engine oil is considered the best for engines with a displacement between 100 and 150 ccs.  This is the one for you if you are looking for an affordable option.


  • It improves the fuel economy by up to 3 Kmpl.
  • It offers 36% extra protection against wear.
  • It is available at a very affordable price.
  • It works well in stop-start Indian traffic.


  • It is a semi-synthetic engine oil.

#2 Shell Advance Ultra 4T 10W-40 API SN Fully Synthetic Motorbike Engine Oil

Shell Advance Ultra 4T Burgman Engine Oil

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The second option available for Suzuki Burgman is also from Shell.  This engine oil is fully-synthetic and is much better than the one we listed earlier.  The only drawback of this engine oil is that it is slightly more expensive since it is a fully synthetic engine oil.  However, the extra money you spend on this engine oil is worth it since you will notice a significant improvement in mileage and performance even when you compare it with Shell Semi-Synthetic engine oil.  The engine oil also has better temperature protection, so it works very well in heavy traffic conditions.


  • It is a fully synthetic engine oil.
  • It improves the economy by up to 5 Kmpl.
  • The engine oil is good for even 12,000 Km.
  • It increases the life of the engine.


  • It is slightly more expensive than other options.

#3 Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W-40 4T Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE 10W-40 4T Burgman Engine Oil

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If you prefer something other than Shell engine oil, you can consider this option from Castrol.  It is also a fully synthetic engine oil, offering outstanding performance from Suzuki Burgman.  The brand claims that you will get improved acceleration and better wear protection compared to other engine oils.  The engine noise and vibration also reduce if you use thing engine oil.  Overall, the quality of Castrol engine oil is considered to be very good.  You can certainly use it and be assured that your engine’s life will increase. 


  • It improves the acceleration of the Burgman.
  • It offers 50% better wear protection to the engine.
  • It can last for about 12,000 Km.
  • It is a fully synthetic engine oil.


  • Nothing as such.


If you are not aware of the procedure to change the engine oil then you should not worry.  It is documented in your user manual.  You can drain the engine oil from the bottom of the Burgman.  It is better to turn the ignition oil on for 5 minutes before draining the oil.  After you have drained the oil, you can remove the oil filter and install the new one.  After doing that, please reinstall the drain plug.  You need to open the engine oil plug from near the exhaust and you will need a funnel to add the engine oil.  Lastly, please don’t confuse the engine oil with the gear oil, as the grades are different for both.

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