3 Best Engine Oil for Vespa 150 & Vespa 125

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Engine Oil for Vespa 150 & 125

MOTUL Scooter Power LE 5W-40

MOTUL Scooter Power LE 5W40

Good engine oil can help increase a scooter’s life as well as fuel efficiency with proper use. This article will help you to choose the best engine oil for Vespa 150 & 125 scooter based on your needs. 

Best Engine Oil for Vespa 150 Vespa 125
Engine Oils for Vespa Scooter

What is the recommended engine oil grade for Vespa 150 and 125?

An engine oil grading is a numerical value commonly used to represent the oil’s resistance to thinning at high temperatures. The higher the grading, the higher is the resistance.

If we talk about the manufacturer recommended engine oil grade for Vespa 150, it’d be 5W-40 as it meets all the criteria and lasts longer compared to other contenders.

3 Best Engine Oil for Vespa 150 & Vespa 125

The top 3 best Engine oil for Vespa 150 & 125 Scooter are listed below.

MOTUL Scooter Power LE 5W40

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Ratings (33+ Reviews):

4.3 out of 5


With over 150 years of experience in the market, this brand focuses on providing the best quality product to its clients with various international certifications to prove its authenticity.

This synthetic engine oil by MOTUL is known as a first-class lubricant of premium quality that will help keep the engine of your scooter run smoothly for a longer duration without worrying about weird engine noises.

It comes in a container with 800 ml of oil capacity. This capacity limit is based on a scooter tank requirement. Its viscosity is 5W-40 and is produced in Vietnam.

It is fully synthetic oil and is a great option as an engine oil for Vespa 125. It provides great engine power to the scooter and increases the mileage as well. It is better suited for colder climates.

  • MOTUL is a recognized brand, so you can rest assured about the product quality.
  • Enhanced protection for your engine with an increased running time for your vehicle.
  • On regular use, helps increase vehicle lifespan.
  • Does not work optimally in hot conditions.
  • Needs regular change and adherence to the same oil for the best outcome.
Castrol Power1 Ultimate 4T 5W40

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Ratings (8 Reviews):

4.4 out of 5


The Castrol Power1 has a capacity of 800ml based on the requirements of a scooter tank. The oil’s viscosity is 5W-40 which makes it preferable engine oil for Vespa 150.

This oil comes with a full synthetic technology with a 5-in-1 formula for outstanding performance. It provides excellent acceleration and is proven to accelerate 2.2 seconds quicker than its key competitor.

It also features excellent protection and has 50% better wear protection vs industry limits across bikes and scooters. With this engine oil, you get a smooth riding experience due to its smooth clutch engagement with zero shudder events.

Its latest technology helps keep the engine cool even over an extreme 12000 Km test. And it has high enduring performance, as it maintains 95% of power even after a 48000 KM test.

  • This engine oil provides a 5-in-1 formula for outstanding performance.
  • Excellent acceleration.
  • Provides greater safety with 50% better wear protection.
  • The number of packs provided in delivery has reduced from 12 to 6. Soit’s better to check the quantity before making the purchase.
  • Product spill might be a problem in very rare cases.
Liqui Moly 5W40 4T

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Ratings (6+ Reviews):

4.7 out of 5


LIQUI MOLY is a well-reputed German brand in the engine oil production business. Although the country of origin for this product in Germany, it is imported by LRL Motors Private Limited in our country. The container weighs 700 grams with a 1000 ml of oil capacity.

This oil has  a viscosity of 5W-40.It is also fully synthetic race and street oil and best suited for Vespa scooters, especially 150 and 125cc models.

This oil is specially designed for off-road terrain and thus can be extremely user friendly in scooters used in hilly areas and such, to keep the engine running smoothly for longer durations.

As it is imperative to change your engine oil regularly, choosing a dependable brand to help increase your vehicle’s overall lifespan is also achieved through the continuous use of this oil.

  • Its made in Germany with utmost care to meet high-quality product standards.
  • It is a suitable choice for off-road riding.
  • With its fully synthetic technology, it provides superior race and mileage.
  • Since this product is imported, availability might be an issue.
  • Not suitable for all road types.

How to change engine oil on Vespa Scooters?

Vespa scooters come with either a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. In a 2-stroke Vespa, there is no need for an oil change. On the other hand, a 4-stroke Vespa needs a regular oil change and maintenance. 

Before changing your engine oil, it is important to learn how to choose the right oil filter for your Vespa as it helps to remove tiny particles from the oil, keeping the oil fresh and increases its lifespan.

To change your engine oil, first, you need to drain the old engine oil through an opening on the floor of your Vespa by loosening the bolt with help of an appropriate wrench.

After that, be sure to close the opening and tighten the bolt to prevent any leakage. Then through the engine oil opening on the side of your Vespa, fill in the new engine oil with the help of a funnel to avoid spillage.

Remember to close the lid tightly before testing out the new oil. Check this video for more detailed instruction.

Which Engine Oil is best for Vespa 125 & 150?

There are a lot of good options like MOTUL, Castrol, etc. to choose from, which provide premium quality products.

But with MOTUL Scooter Power LE 5W40, you get superior engine power and increased mileage, as well as great brand value with 150 years of history. Thus, making it the most sought out product in recent times.

MOTUL Scooter Power LE 5W40

Choose Best Oil for your Vespa Scooter:

All in all, while choosing the best engine oil for Vespa 150 & 125 scooter, you need to keep your priorities like locality, weather conditions, budget, and other things in mind before deciding on the final purchase.

You also need to keep in mind that engine oil helps increase the vehicle’s lifespan in general if used regularly to maintain consistency, so try and be regular with your maintenance for best results.

I Hope you like this article, Feel free to ask any questions related to Engine oil in Comment. Also I have picked the list best engine oil for TVS Jupiter Scooter;

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