4 Best Engine Oil for Yamaha Fascino, Ray Z, Ray ZR, & Alpha

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Engine Oil for Yamaha Fascino, Ray Z & Ray ZR, Alpha

Yamalube Optima Engine Oil 10W40

Yamalube Optima Synthetic Engine Oil for Scooter removebg preview

Engine oil is the base oil of the engine for its increase in the performance and endurance of the engine. It acts as a lubricant, coolant, and cleaning of residual emissions dust. According to the viscosity of the oil grade of the oil varies. Some of the engine oil grades are 20W50, 10W50, etc., The Manufacturer recommended engine oil grade for Yamaha Fascino & Yamaha Ray is 10W40

Engine Oil for Yamaha Fascion Yamaha Ray

4 Best Engine oil for Yamaha Fascino, Ray Z & Ray ZR, & Alpha

We will look into the list of top 4 most recommended engine oils for Yamaha Fascino & Yamaha Ray.

Yamalube Optima Synthetic Engine Oil for Scooter removebg preview

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YAMALUBE is a 4 stroke motor oil ideally used for Yamaha scooter. It is one of the best engine oil for Yamaha Fascino. The SAE grade of the oil is 10W40.

It is JASO MB oil with added friction modifiers to ensure fuel economy and provide needed friction performance. This oil ensures the longevity of engine life and increases performance grade.

The price of the oil is less and so it is cost-effective. It contains Molybdenum which makes the viscosity of the oil to lessen.

This lower viscosity is better suited for the dry clutch usage of the scooter. The volatility of the yam lube oil is lower and gives maximum gear protection.

It is suitable for the models Yamaha Ray, Yamaha Ray ZR, and Yamaha Fascino. This is the best engine oil for Yamaha ray.

  • The viscosity of the oil is lower and hence the free flow of the oil is ensured in and around the engine.
  • The start of the engine will be smoother to add smoothness to every ride.
  • This oil ensures corrosion-free and protects the engine from wear, deposits, sludge, and oxidation.
  • The oil has a higher API grade and fuel economy is optimized by the new formulation of the engine oil.
  • The cost of the engine oil is affordable than any other comparable engine oil brand.
  • Due to the lower viscosity of the oil, the engine oil tends to burn out quickly.
  • Hence it is needed to change more frequently than other oils.
  • Engine heat withstands ability is comparatively less when compared to other brands.
Yamalube Optima Synthetic Engine Oil for Scooter

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4.1 out of 5


LIQUI MOLY is a German-made full synthetic high performance, air, and water-cooled 4 stroke motor engine oil.

It ensures maximum engine performance and provides optimized lubrication overall adverse heat conditions.

It has JASO MB specification that provides excellent friction against moving parts thereby minimizing the wear of the parts. It is perfect for use with and without wet clutches.

Low oil will be consumed and hence it works for prolonged usage. It has improved cold start ability.

Even after heavy rains, the scooter starts with oneself. It also increases the mileage of the scooter considerably.

This engine oil meets with the API SL Standard and hence is an oil top recommended for gearless scooters.

  • The vibration of the vehicle is considerably reduced thereby providing better smoothness to the ride.
  • The fuel efficiency of the scooter is consistent over the period.
  • It provides outstanding engine protection under all adverse conditions that exist in harsh driving and long drive.
  • It exhibits friction-reducing property with JASO MB specification which is great for increasing performance.
  • It minimizes wear of the moving metal parts providing proper lubrication and also enhances noise-damping removal.
  • It is suitable for the dry clutch and separately lubricated transmission. No issues for cold start with this oil. The scooter starts with a single kick.
  • Oil change frequency is more when compared to other engine oil in the market.
  • As viscosity is lower, it tends to exhibit overheating problems at prolonged usage like long drive without brakes.
Motul SCOOTER LE 4T 10W 40

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4.2 out of 5


Motul Scooter is a JASO MB oil for 4 stroke scooters that have Auto Transmission engines. It is a premium mineral oil type of engine oil.

It has a high temperature withstand ability so that it tackles extreme heat conditions. It is a premium mineral type of engine oil.

It is the leading brand of engine oil that is used for Yamaha Fascino, Yamaha Ray Z, and Ray ZR. It is one of the best-recommended oil for Yamaha Fascino. Fuel economy is considerably increased.

It also exhibits an excellent cold start leading to improved battery life as it starts the engine in oneself.

It has an advanced additive system that ensures engine protection and maintains it clean which makes gear and clutch to work fine.

  • Motul engine oil has higher viscosity grade than liquid moly and hence endurance of the oil is better and long-lasting.
  • The engine oil once filled can last more than 2500 km if the scooter has an average speed of 50-60km/hour.
  • It increases the pickup of the engine and quick start functionality. The scooter starts with a single kick or oneself during monsoon season also.
  • It is cost-effective engine oil in the market and they are mostly preferred for lower cost and higher performance.
  • It complies with the industry-standard API SL for extreme heat control in hot weather conditions.
  • Fuel mileage is not consistent. It gets reduced after 500 km of usage.
  • There is a slight vibration that exists while starting the scooter.
Mobil Super Moto 10W 40

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3.9 out of 5


Mobil Super Moto is a high performance 10W40 grade engine oil. It is a synthetic blend engine oil that provides maximum protection and extreme cleanliness to the engine in extreme weather conditions.

It has a perfect combination of high-quality mineral oil and hydrocarbon base oils. Based on the Industry-standard engine test sequence in API SL, it provides 50 % more wear protection than other comparative engine oils.

It has good thermal stability and debris deposit control providing flawless operation of the scooter. Longer life of valve train and bearing components is achieved by excellent corrosion protection.

Even in low temperatures, the efficiency of the oil is not reduced, hence self-start activity happens unaffected thereby increasing the battery life.

  • Longer electrical system life as the engine oil withstand extreme cold weather conditions.
  • Engine oil protection shields the engine, clutch as well as transmission.
  • The engine noise level is also considerably reduced.
  • The engine oil provides smooth-riding performance for a while.
  • The packaging is quite good when compared to other brands so the easy flow of the oil is ensured.
  • The Mobil super engine oil has greater viscosity providing prolonged protection for the engine throughout a year.
  • The engine oil gives consistently better performance for more than 2000 kilometers.
  • Vibration exists after prolonged usage of over 1000km while riding hence smoothness in the ride is not consistent.
  • A small amount of overheating problem also exists while doing the long drive. This can be overcome by taking regular breaks to provide time for cooling the engine.

Benefits of Changing Engine Oil Regularly on Yamaha Fascino, Yamaha Ray Z, ZR & Alpha

Regular engine oil changes reduce unexpected repairs and breakdown that happens. It also acts as a simple step that we can take to extend the lifetime of the engine. It also enhances performance and makes the engine fuel-efficient. 

1. Friction-free:

The viscosity of the oil which tends for a free flow of the oil helps in providing friction against the moving parts of the engine thereby reducing wear and tear of metal parts. We can also protect the parts from rust and oxidation by providing proper lubrication.

2. Dust-free:

The viscosity of the oil which tends for a free flow of the oil helps in providing friction against the moving parts of the engine thereby reducing wear and tear of metal parts. We can also protect the parts from rust and oxidation by providing proper lubrication.

3. Fuel efficient:

The consumption of fuel will be reduced as the engine condition is all set with a regular oil change. The mileage of the scooter also will increase drastically with the newer engine oil as the performance of the engine will be increased.

These are some of the benefits that come into action for periodic engine oil changes, so one must not miss this.

How often we need to change Engine Oil on Yamaha Fascino, Yamaha Ray & Alpha

The answer to the question would be 2000 Kms of distance covered by the bike. However, the manufacturer will have a specific frequency of oil changes for specific models. We should refer to the service manual always to know the exact period.

Even the scooter is not used frequently, the oil change must be done at least around 6 months of duration. Because the efficiency of the oil may get reduced over some time. As engine oil is an important factor that determines the life of the engine, we must take care of it as we do for the scooter.

How to Change Activa Oil in Yamaha Fascino, Ray, Ray Z, Ray ZR:

Changing engine oil is mere an easy job among the challenging bike repair. We should be prepared with a few tools like a screwdriver and spanner, drain tray, funnel with a long tube, and service manual of the scooter. Choosing and buying the best engine oil is the prime step before changing the oil.

Step 1:

The Yamaha Fascino, Yamaha Ray Z, Ray ZR models have an inlet for engine oil on one side, and inlet for gear oil on another side, and two drain outlets. Place the drain tray below the screw and remove it. Similarly, do for another drain outlet.

Step 2:

Wait for few mins until all the used oil drains out. Close the drain outlet with the screw provided. Exact torque should be given, If it gets more tighten, oil leakage may happen due to damage to the screw tip.

Step 3:

Refer to the service manual of the bike and study the exact measurement of the quantity of the oil to be poured in.

Step 4:

Open the inlet plug and place the funnel with a long tube into it and slowly pour in the oil.

Step 5:

Close the lid of the inlet plug with a screwdriver. Exact quantity to be filled in to get maximum performance and fuel efficiency.

Most Asked Questions and My Answers

Choose Best Oil for your Yamaha Scooter:

Engine oil is the most crucial part of the engine. Old Engine oil makes the engine overheat, carbon emission levels also substantially increase which is not good for engine life. Hence there should be a perfect schedule for a regular oil change.

It is always best to choose the manufacture recommended grade oil. We must choose the engine oil that is best for the engine which gives an increase in performance and reduction in vibration and noise.

I hope you like like my review, Kindly spend some time and read it.

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